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Olentangy Sports News  offers a mentoring, real world experience for students seeking the "Scoop" about Journalism careers.   
Students can determing their own level of commitment to the project and the areas that they are interested in can be taylored to their
curiosity.  Journalism, Photojournalism, Business and Marketing, all of these aspects can be explored by student contributors.  

If you are a student at Olentangy Liberty High School and think you might like to participate in this experience please contact us at        
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This site does not collect any personal information.  We will never ask anyone for information when you visit this site.  However, if
you proceed to the Photo-hosting site under “See Photos”  and you want to order photographic images you will of course need to
fill in some personal information.  We will need to know where to send the photographs.  Once photos are delivered this personal
information is destroyed.  We will never have access to your other information, like credit card numbers.  Photoreflect/Digital
Express, the photohosting site is a secure site that processes all payment options, not the operator of Olentangy Sports.  If you
have any further questions please feel free to contact Karen Carter at
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HOW Images are organized

After you click on "See Photos" to the
left,   you will go to the listing of
events we have photographed.  All
events are posted by
SPORT,(Football, Soccer, Golf etc.)
most recent first, so if you are looking
for an event that happened last night
it will be first on the list.  If you are
looking for an event that happed in
August it will be near the end.
Go to "See Photos" to the left,
find your photos and order on the
site.  Your images are printed
professionally on archival
photographic paper - not inkjet
printing.  Images are processed
and mailed 2+/- weeks after the
order is placed.
ALL images and text on this website are copyrighted by the owner of this web site.  NOTHING on this site may be
copied, pasted, forwarded or taken in anyway off this site for ANY purpose.  This includes but is not limted to
personal, educational, or commercial use with out written consent from the owner of this site.  ANY/ALL violations of
this notice will result in legal action as deemed appropriate by the owner of this site.  All legal action taken will be the
MAXIMUM allowed by Federal Law for Copyright Infringement.

To contact site owner:  kcphoto77(at)
SurePix Photos
Sure Pix order forms will be emailed
to previous clients who hired
Olentangy Sports last year.

Olentangy Sports is no longer taking
new clients

you want Photographs you must fill
out a SurePix prepayment form
return it to Olentangy Sports
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