The primary goal of the Olentangy Sports News web site is to
be a mentoring opportunity for High School students interested
in  Photojournalism/Photography as a potential professional
career.   Students accompany Karen Carter to sporting events
and shoot the event with equipment provided by  The images that the Students create can
then be used for the yearbook or school newspaper.

In addition, a percentage of the net proceeds from the site (where photographs can be
purchased) will be contributed to the General Athletic Boosters  
of Liberty High School.  Photographers from are not paid by the school or boosters to
attend and photograph sporting events.  We attempt to attend
several events per sport so that we increase our opportunity to
capture great images.  Our goal is to never leave a great
photograph of an outstanding athletic effort out on the field.  We
hope to bring home every great play and story and provide
them to the fans of Olentangy Sports.
If, for any reason you need to contact us about this web site you
may do so at:

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